Wednesday, November 01, 2006
Quid quid latine dictum sit, altum viditur ..!!
hey there fellas...

"Onnil pizhachal moonnu", goes a saying in my native lang: ..If u go wrong wit the first try, u're gonna do good on the 3rd.. and here be the 3rd.
Just read on,n try make some sense out of it..
Even if it doesnt, dont worry..
But I can promise you this, those who r gonna come back, are in for a hell of a lot of bad language,
20-something angst,
and some unholy entertainment...
So buckle up PEOPLE....!!!

So, I've been meaning to get around to my next post sooner, but hmm, I'm a born procrastinator you see... Kabir said "Kal kare to aaj kar, aur aaj kare to ab".... I rather say, "Kal kare to parson kar, aur parson kare to phir kabhi,kyonki parson mein film dekhne jaa raha hun...!!"..

Quite a looong way from where i, I've been meaning to post this for quite some time, but couldnt get around to it.. Not that I've been busy or anything, but,as i said before, procrastination played a very important part.. and so did my lack of interest in blogging. Somehow, blogging fails to captivate for many reasons.. one of the primary reasons being that, okay, you spend all your precious (??!) time typin up all this crap for public consumption, and when and how do you get some feedback??... I dont mind if its appreciation, or if the guy is saying i have bad table manners.. whatever....but HOW and WHEN do i get my feed-back.. So, without feed-back..pointless, dont u think?

Anyways, I've started with this, and i guess i wanna stick to it.. ; and i must say at least in the case of this particular post, i must say i have some compelling reasons to be doing this right now..!! So here i am, at 11pm, and typing up this crock of s***...;)

Dammit, me and blogging, just dont jive... Hmm, once i've started, i wanna talk about so many things, and all at once, and they all seem to be so interconnected, my posts seem like cooked noodles, either u can never find where it starts and ends, or there are TOO MANY "starts" and "ends"

Uh-oh...i gotta get the phone now.. so, this post's to-be-continued...
PS: The title line just means "Anything said in latin sounds profound"...:D
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  • At 12:51 AM, Blogger Abhi

    "Anything said in latin sounds profound...:D"

    I wd prefer to say "Anything said by MJ sounds profound"?? or at least he tries.......

    Well dnt giv up now! go on put up more posts and am sure u wd get th kinda rave reviews u crave for!

  • At 5:59 PM, Blogger chip


  • At 8:23 AM, Blogger Gayatri

    my god. MAKE YOUR POINT sir! you really are just rambling around and making no sense. =P

    i see a potential kickass writer here,but you've just got to get a grip and let the words flow out of you!

    and feedback, advertise your blog in "about me" sections of orkut, facebook, hi 5 and whatever networking sites you're a member of.

    next, i'm sure you gtalk, msn and yahoo, so throw up your blog link as your status msg.

    if you dont advertise your blog, who will?! make your self noticed sir. make a mark, make a mark. =)

  • At 9:01 AM, Blogger acid_ice

    a big SORRY to all the commetators, I wasnt even considerate enough to put up the moderated comments. But, thanks you guys, means a lot..