Sunday, March 16, 2008
..another Princess n the Pauper story..
From the doors of the limousine
Steps out the beauty queen
As in the pages of a magazine
Lovely as I've never seen

She's got fortune n fame
As one they call her name
But me, she sets aflame
Pauper, i know it's lame

Do you sigh in a lonely night?
Ever wish for a shining knight?
Far from the glamour n light
Someone to hold you tight?

I'd give you a beating heart
A love that'll never depart
Now this aint fake, not art
Nothing like a la carte

Now some things you cant buy
Like the love of an honest guy
Girl, if you ever wanna try
Call me to you, i'll fly.

Someday i hope we meet
Maybe kiss your lips so sweet
Your hands your eyes your feet
Tell you of my love complete.
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