Sunday, December 21, 2008
of despair, of hope..

Where have all the flowers gone?
Where the love, the life,
The cherished solace of your embrace,
That I felt not so long ago?
Oh where? Oh where?

Young I was, and so in love with you,
Completely, unwaveringly.
The days were full of joy and hope,
Fragrant nights of memories,
Times that we spent together.

The way you smiled, the way you spoke,
the way you glanced
at me through the corners of your eyes.
Your love was my asylum,
In a world that i did not care for.

For what does a man want of his life
But somebody to understand him.
A kind word, a hug that said 
You cared, you'd stay,
And together we shall win the day.

Oh but a vanished idyll now, alas,
Such are the ways of fate.
Of all the dreams, all that remains is a sigh,
And for all the promises,
You never knew when we died.

Every longest night has a dawning day,
Every darkest cloud has a shiny ray.
Ah, while there is life there is hope,
Hope, for tomorrow.
Hope i shall too, ask not why..
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