Saturday, May 02, 2009

1.Was lost for a while, 
In a lonely place, 
With no hope of life, 
No joy or desire.

Poisons clouded my brain, 
They'd tear me apart, 
I'd bleed myself dry, 
I was burning in fire.

And then i found you babe, 
piece of heaven on earth, 
All sweetness n light, 
and a heart for hire.


Take my hand,
for I am falling blind,
bring me home, 
bring me home...

And know how I feel
Know what I want
Know whats to be
Me O Me..

And know whats to love
Know whats to give
Know whats to die
And know whats to live..

2.Not a penny to give, 
No fancy limousine, 
No penthouse place, 
Just a loving heart

I sold my dreams, 
Got you jewels and rings, 
So i could keep you near, 
And then you threw me away 

Still i keep coming back, 
Like a junkie on drugs, 
For your kiss on my lips, 
Some kinda fatal desire


3.Do you know how it feels, 
when I look in your Eyes, 
and realize oh how, 
I've lost it all..

Fallen from life, 
Fallen from grace,
hopes and desires, 
I've burnt them all.

Burn your heart, 
Burn Your Soul, 
And you'll know, 
What's to lose it all..


Falling, lyrics for the first track in The Morning After Project. All lyrics are property and copyright of the author.
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