Wednesday, August 20, 2008
For you, My Love

The mesmerizing sweet scent
of your lustrous black hair,
The patina of a thousand smiles
in your glittering blue eyes,
The sweet promise of those
oh-so-tempting lips,
All these and much more, my love,
had adorned my youthful reveries.

As the storms and gales of reality
scatter the budding dreams,
As memories of you become
wistful sighs of a lost being,
The images of a shared bliss
become indelibly etched in my soul,
Ah, what use this life, this breath,
this void joyless world,
If I have lost the one thing,
My Love that made it worthwhile.

PS: This one, again, is not mine, just translated from Malayalam by me. Acknowledgements to a friend, n the author.
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