Thursday, May 01, 2008
Gone too soon..

Gone too soon, you are
Gone but not forgotten
The sweet memories and the sad
Linger, though you're gone.

In my life's interminable journey
You were the landmark
Looked forward to, now past
A blurring moment, forever lost.

A thousand lives shall never suffice
To define the "you", define the "us"
Friend? Partner? Soul-mate?
Still looking to comprehend, I am.

And when you walked away
I could never stop you, never say no
All that I was capable of
To still my thudding heart, dry my eyes.

Come back to me, will you ever?
And though the answer's understood
I cannot but wish, for one more time
One more kiss, one more song..

PS: This one's not mine, just translated from Malayalam by me. Acknowledgements to a friend, n the author.
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