Monday, March 03, 2008
..a life full of care..
The eyes never see
What the heart hides
Disconnected, we are,
From all that surrounds us
Logic, cold and pitiless
Driving us on
Never stopping to think
Of more than existence.
Open ur eyes
Give life a chance
It'll captivate u
Body, mind, soul
Take light, smile
For today's all there is
Tomorrow, who knows?
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..from a pavement dervish..
Tear myself apart
Bleed myself dry
Cut this heart out
Ha, without a cry
No sleep, nor joy
Can find me here
In this void hell
Not even mama dear
No whisper of music
Nor taste of wine
No smell, no faint
Touch of lover mine
Stuck in a limbo
I remain alive
Only a statistic
A drone in a hive..
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Oh yeah, I'm back..
After a lot of procrastination, I'm back. Come on, even procrastinators need some change.. Period.
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