Wednesday, February 23, 2005
I'm out of ideas for tonight ;so...
This is a poem I wrote ages back,but I think this is one of the best I've done so far.So I'm posting this in here.Looking forward to rave-reviews......;).

The NO I feel,is waiting
Waiting on your sweet sweet lips
Is the only reason
My resolve just slips n slips.

The NO I feel,is waiting
Is cause for all my sorrow
Neither can I tell u of my love
Nor can i wait for tomorrow.

The NO I feel,is waiting
I'm sure will break my heart
So,even when I want to draw you close
We still are twin souls apart.

The NO I feel,is waiting
I never could bear
Though my love for you is boundless
And your beautiful face,so fair.

The NO I feel is waiting
Is driving me mad with frustration
But soon I'll overcome my fears
And then,my love,will come celebration.

The NO I feel,is waiting……………

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Hope this works..!!
And thus arises a New Star in the horizon of Blogging...eMJay here.I've had this one online,for quite some time,but something *recognise the born procrastinator* delayed me all this while,but nothing,but nothing,can keep a good man down,blah-blah....
Finally,here I am..Better men(and women) than me have blogged,so why not me too?....So,here goes nothing....................GERONIMOO!!!
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Impressions after a sleepless night....
G'morning pals....Or is it G'night?...Even though it's light outside..and the divine voice of M.S.Subbalakshmi singing "Suprabhatham" filters into my room from the loudspeakers of the nearby temple,all my body wants to do is just go to sleep...*meaning I'll probably engage in my usual pastime today at college-beauty sleep during class hours..:D*.Now even after my customary cup of coffee,I'm sluggish,ill-tempered,and generally grouchy.Hmm,doesnt bode well for those that cross my path today...

I can see this is gonna be a dreadful post,but the exhilaration of my first attempt at blogging hasn't yet worn off;so this cute li'l(ha!!) post is gonna have its own place in my blog.Looking forward to a half-holiday today,with ALL my heart..!!
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