Saturday, March 18, 2006
Y I do this..

Hmm,so basically, the first thing i'd love to go into, is why i'm doing this.. Is it to express myself to the world?...Is it to gain friends?...Or Is it something else??

Hell yeah... f**k all tht..,as they say, f**k the world, f**k the law, ...f**k rules..!!..

This is basically a pupose-less exercise..blogging to blog,as u might say...and the idea was born out of jealousy, the animal instinct for vengeance,and an innate craving to stand out from the crowd..i guess... And then so many of my peers are doing it, so, what the hell...

Jealousy, cause some fellow,a kickass pal, who started blogging with me, is so far ahead in the game,tht i'm thinking, wht the hell does he have tht i dont...hell he aint even creating sentences right,or spelling stuff why cant I do this,and do it better??..

then Vengeance..that's cause a certain "Cruise" missile is headed @ me,loaded with so much of my secrets, so much stuff tht i wish to hide, that i'd rather have a platform to get back @ him,if and when the need arises...So watch out cruise..:).. eMJay is watching u...

Yeah,i know ,what i wrote just above sounds all fancy crap to me,trying to be philosophic n all that shit..but a good education always shows..:->

Now,about the craving to stand out from the crowd...hmm,well,i guess almost everything i do in my life,represents this desire to stand differ...but the only problem is,i try to show it in ways which dont matter to everybody,or matter very sporting a goatee, leaving shirt buttons undone, cutting classes like hell,steel jewellery and stuff..

More on the way...but tht's enough candid blogging for one day...:)

PS: Hope my latest foray into blogging doesnt fizzle out as before... :D
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  • At 11:00 PM, Blogger subin speaks!!

    dude..all that stuff u do to try and stand out from the ya think it works? In college you could always categorize ppl into the goodie goodie (that was me!!), the wanna be cool dude (which i think is u!!), etc. etc.
    You wanna stand out: Just be yourself...easier said than done though...but still..there's never gonna be any other Manu stop trying to look cool...
    Guess thats engh gyan for now...will bug ya later...maybe i'll start my own blog..been meaning too...
    And who's this friend of urs who has all these secrets of urs?..I should get to know him...muahahah...guess u have too much dirt on me though...